Choosing the Best Table Construction for Your Family!

03 Aug Choosing the Best Table Construction for Your Family!

We often have customers ask what type of wood a table is made of. Some people assume that the harder the wood, the better. In some cases, this is true. However, if a table is made of softer wood, that is not a bad thing, either. So, here, we will break down different types of wood. The benefits, and how you will know what type of wood you are looking at.

First, we have tables made of solid Birch wood. This kind of wood is a relative to Oak, but much harder. Many of our custom designed sets are made entirely out of Birch. These custom sets are made of Birch trees grown in Canada. Northern Birch is a harder wood the further north it grows, as the rings are much tighter thanks to the colder climate.

Birch Wood

Next, is Hevea wood. This type of wood is very often used to make furniture. You can recognize this wood by its unique streaking-intertwining dark markings with a blonde color. This blonde color may not be recognizable because of stains often used to color tables, but its dark streaks are always recognizable.

Hevea Wood

Mango wood is a hard wood with dense grains-which means that while it is durable, creating furniture from this wood is not difficult, resulting in a beautiful yet affordable table made of solid wood.

Mango Wood

Acacia wood is medium-hard. Because of its durability, this type of wood is often used to create kitchen utensils, furniture, and even flooring. This type of wood can be recognized by its light and dark lines to create a contrast of color no matter what stain the table has.

Acacia Wood

Pine wood: softer, yet great when it comes to rustic and reclaimed furniture. Tables made of pine are perfect for showing of the distressed look. These tables also have a plank-like tabletop, which adds its own unique element, creating a table which stands apart from the rest.

Pine Wood

Lastly, we have custom design sets made of solid Elm. This wood shows off every little detail and marking the tree had-not one table will look exactly like the next, because of its unique streaks.

Elm Wood

At Kitchen Tables and More, not only do we have a variety of tables, constructed of many different types of wood, but also a knowledgeable staff that can help you find out all you need to know about the wood of the tables you like.