Live Edge Tables to Fit Your Space!

01 Aug Live Edge Tables to Fit Your Space!

Looking for a table that has solid construction and a beautiful, natural design? Live Edge tables have a raw beauty that goes with just about any style.

Whether your home is rustic, contemporary, or mid-century modern, Live Edge tables are a great addition to your dining area. Live Edge tables are an amazingly unique way to set off your dining room space. The original styling for this type of table was intended to be for mid-century modern styling. However, over the years, it has become a popular accent piece in a very contemporary space, or even rustic spaces. Live Edge tables are, like they sound, tables that are truly the edges of the tree.

SD52 Live Edge

The edges of these tables are not man-made, but rather, kept completely in the shape of the tree this furniture was made from. So truly, each and every table will be unique. Its beautiful natural look compliments just about any space well.

Along with its gorgeous natural design, you are guaranteed this table will be solid wood. There are also several options for bases, as well. Typically there will be a metal base to these Live Edge tables, but black or silver metal are two popular options. Another great feature for a Live Edge table is the fact that you can see the very grain of the tree!

HT1T Live Edge Table

Its gorgeous, dark undertones that show off every little design of the tree allow the natural wood to really stand out. At Kitchen Tables and More, located in Columbus, Ohio, we sell a variety of Live Edge tables-with multiple sizes, colors, and metal base options. Whether you are looking for a table alone, or want a bench and chairs to go with the table, we have several Live Edge styles to choose from. Stop by our showroom to take a look at these naturally stunning tables for yourself!