The Newest Designs for Glass Top Tables

31 Aug The Newest Designs for Glass Top Tables

Glass top tables have become so much more than a piece of clear glass placed on a metal base. In the past, glass tended tables tended to be viewed as strictly modern. Now, there are also contemporary, traditional, and even rustic glass top tables.

Canadel Glass Top Table

With Canadel, there are countless options available with glass. You choose the style and, color, shape and size, and still get a glass top. In addition to all these choices, glass now comes with a matte finishing, and many different colors. Whether you want to stick to neutral colors, or like brightly colored furniture, glass tables are still an option!

Custom Glass Top Table

Matte finishing is a great option for those who have before avoided glass because of fingerprints. With matte finished glass, you get a frosted look that is unique and beautiful, yet stays fingerprint-free. Canadel is known for its amazing quality, and can get a set you design, made and to you in just 4-6 weeks! You can even begin customizing your own table from our website, and simply stop by our store when you know what you want, or, you can design from start to finish at our Easton showroom.