Save Space While Finding the Perfect Table!

22 Sep Save Space While Finding the Perfect Table!

How do you best optimize your kitchen or dining space?

There are many tricks that can help you make the most of even a small dining area. From choosing the correct furniture, to design layout, there are many ways to create a place that makes the most of the room, yet doesn’t look over crowded.

The first option for optimizing space is choosing a table with storage space.

This is a great way to make the most of the table: having a storage base or drawers can save space for kids’ homework, extra dish space, or silverware. The options are endless.

AA67 Set with Drawers for Storage

Another option to save space is a table with butterfly leaves.

Not only do butterfly leaves allow the table to extend when company is over, and otherwise be a small table, but also allows the leaf to store in the table-no need to find room in the basement for these leaves!

AAM25 Mariposa Table

A third option for optimizing your kitchen or dining area is to use a round or square table.

When tucked into a corner where benches line the walls, this saves space while still comfortably seating at least 4 people-and only two chairs would take up space in the room.

Canadel Custom Design Square Table with 2 Benches

Don’t have a dining room, and your kitchen is small? An island is another amazing option to save space.

Not only does this double as additional counter space if needed, but also allows the stools that come with the table to tuck underneath-taking up no extra room at all.

TY88 Island

At Kitchen Tables and More, we have a variety of options-from 36″ square tables, to counter height storage tables, to tables that include 3 butterfly leaves and extend as large as 11′ long!

With more than 120 tables on display at our Easton showroom, we are sure you will find something that will fit your space. With a knowledgeable staff that recognizes the importance of finding a set that matches your space and meets your needs in a kitchen or dining table, you are sure to find the perfect set.